【米株ETF】VGT vs TECL、どちらを買うべきか!?単なる3倍ではない。

  • 2020年11月30日
  • 2020年12月19日
  • 米株


As an information technology ETF, VGT is a brand that shows overwhelming performance in ETFs other than leverage. One step TECL is a similar genre, but it is a brand equipped with a missile called triple levera


The constituent stocks are said to be almost the same, but the expense ratio and dividends are significantly different. Looking at this alone, VGT has a low expense ratio of 0.1% and a dividend of 0.87%.



Even if the constituent stocks are the same, if the leverage is tripled, the price movements will be quite different. Below are the price movements over the last three months. To say that the leverage is tripled means that it is amazing to go up, but it is also great to go down. Therefore, it has been -13% in the last three months, while VGT is 0.85%, which means that the status quo will be maintained


The triple leverage that goes up and down earnestly means going downhill little by little. Therefore, basically, there is no meaning of leverage unless it rises to the right. Here, you can rest assured that non-leveraged stocks will not go down unnecessarily. Therefore, VGT is really good if you have it for a long time.


Below is a comparison of the last 6 months. Judging from the crash in March, it has risen considerably, so TECL has tripled cleanly. At first glance, this triple leverage looks like a short-term stock, but it may also be suitable for the medium term.


Below is a chart of the March crash. With such a crash, leverage has a large adverse effect, so it is not so different from VGT. VGT is suitable if you want to hold with confidence.


Below is a 5-year long-term chart comparison. VGT is 3 times, TECL is 9 times. In fact, triple leverage can be considered to be the most suitable operation for the long term. However, there were two major crashes in five years.


At times like this, it may be more difficult for an ordinary investor to say nothing. Anyway, TECL is sometimes reduced to 1/4 of the total. It takes about 6 months to get back to normal. When the drop is too large, it may be necessary to sell it.


On the other hand, VGT can be lowered by about 2/3 of the total when it crashes. Not so compared to TECL. However, after three months, it has already been restored. In this case, if you believe that it will return to normal with a little patience, you can hold it.


The following is a comparison from December 2008 after the Lehman shock. TECL is 108 times, which is an incredible amount, but VGT is also 10 times. Even if there is no leverage, if it is 10 times, it can be said that it is a great success!


The fluctuation of TECL seems to be mentally bankrupt, and I actually bought and sold it many times, but honestly it is a high volatility that I can not keep up with. However, it is an ideal brand for those who want to sleep and wait for 100 million and aim! ??