【アメリカ選挙】トランプは、「I’ll be back」と言ってターミネーターのように去って行った。


Recently, the US presidential election has become terrific. In America today, it’s scary to see that it’s an election fraud, but don’t fix it. I have witnessed a moment of history on the Internet as if it were a movie of the reality that democracy has been completely lost.


しかも、敗れたトランプは、最後に「I’ll be back」と言って去って行ったのも、映画のシーンであるかのようでした。しかし、その言葉の意味するところは、第2幕があるということです。さらに「その戦いは始まったばかりである」とも語ったので、ドラマがあまり好きではない私もワクワクが止まりません。

What’s more, the defeated Trump finally said “I’ll be back” and left, as if it were a movie scene. However, the meaning of the word is that there is a second act. He also said, “The battle has just begun,” so I’m excited because I don’t really like dramas.



In addition, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo left the Chinese CCP with a “genocide-certified” souvenir. This genocide has identified the Uighur massacre, which is comparable to the Jewish massacre caused by Hitler during World War II.


In this regard, it is the only consensus clause of “Trump VS Biden,” or “Republican VS Democrat.” Thus, Hitler is a story of the past 1945 years, it is to say that currently are 習近平 Xiaoping perform the same sort of thing in 2021.


It’s really sad that the same thing happens after 70 years. Even if it is an economic war, it has actually killed more than one million Uighurs. Personally, I was shocked to see a video reporting the actual situation of “organ transplantation” on the Internet for 5 to 6 years.


In a short time, for those who are waiting for an organ transplant internationally by removing a healthy organ from a healthy Uighur person, not just an organ transplant from a plant-certified person due to an accident or illness. Moreover, it was sold at a bargain price. I think there are many people in the world who have benefited from it, including Japanese people. Why, despite this fact, I think it was no wonder that the world pretended not to see it.


At that time, I was skeptical that it was true, but the number of people who complained about it gradually increased, and I was relieved to reach the “genocide certification” at the very end of today’s Trump administration in the United States. This presidential election must have ended the first act so far, and the second act must be taken over in another form.


After receiving the opposite criticism from such a big “masgomi” from the inauguration of the president in 2017, we Japanese and Trump are ridiculously presidents! However, looking at Trump’s response to North Korea so far, he was different from the US president who wanted to go to war directly.



That’s right. He was actually the only non-war president when he opened the lid. What’s more, the tax cut raised the US stock price of the company, and I also benefited from it. In addition, the unemployment rate achieved the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years.


It also created a wall between the immigrant Mexico to protect local employment, but its original purpose was to block the passage of crime through this route. 800,000 people are trafficked annually in the United States, and this number is beyond imagination for Japanese people.


As a result, I think that the US president who cherishes so many people and has achieved real results is probably the first time since “Lincoln”. The president of the United States is Biden, the 46th, but the only famous ones are President Washington, President Reagan, and President Lincoln.


Unlike the former president who did not touch the ridiculous President Truman who dropped the atomic bomb on Japan and preyed on Japan in the war, President Trump is a geopolitical Japan surrounded by Russia, China and North Korea. I think that the people of the world understood that they are really good people because they understand their position, attach importance to the Japan-US alliance, and protect the Senkaku.


It is the American people who know this best. However, in this presidential election, people witnessed the world through the Internet that CCP tampered with the vote counting machine of a manufacturer called Dominion, and many of the 50 states are conducting fraudulent elections openly.


As a result, Biden won the fraudulent election, but 20,000 witness testimonies of the fraudulent election called “affidavit” were made. This “affidavit” cannot be submitted with courage unless you have a strong sense of justice, as you will be sentenced to imprisonment for more than 10 years when it becomes clear that you were lying.



It is a common understanding in the world that President Trump lost at all. I wonder if it is the United States, which is the most advanced country, that such fraudulent elections will pass through at the low technical level of Dominion! !! !! I just doubt my eyes. Not only that, it looks humorous like the old Tom and Jerry slapstick anime.


If it was made in Japan, I might have made a device with higher precision and no burr. (Laughs) Also, if such a low-level fraudulent election had occurred in Japan, it would have been a bigger problem and I think the election would have been redone.


I have to say how much America is now heavily affected by CCP. Disagreeable! There is a sense of crisis that Japan may be more affected. Fortunately, however, Japan is an island nation that does not have to build walls, so the natural wall of the sea covers the area around Japan, so it may not be as difficult as President Trump.


In this way, I myself was not interested in elections, and I thought it was a good opportunity for people who did not go to become so serious and to review their own country, Japan.


Trump has withdrawn once, but the real enemy is CCP, not Biden, so he must be aiming for a complete devastation operation. We are waiting for that time. Mr. Trump is no longer the only hero in the United States. We believe he is a true hero who saves the people of the world.